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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas decorations

My back isn't doing well, unfortunately. It's worse than most days. It's difficult and the chiropractor can't do much. Two vertebras are larger than they should be and they have a tendency to move slightly out of their position, causing a whole series of problems. The heavy lifting at work doesn't help, either. Annoying.

I was waiting for some strange side effects from the flu shot, but nothing happened. Some other people I have heard of got really sick, so I guess I was lucky this time.

Saturday it was a charity sale in Lund. One of the international aid organizations, IM, had a sale of second hand items like books, toys, ornaments and textiles. Very high quality for being second hand, I must say. I got some Christmas decorations there.

Speaking of Christmas decorations, I have started to get mine out of the drawers. I have exchanged the table runners and the candles so far. Exchanging the curtains will be a problem since I can't lift my hands above my head right now. Sometime the following week I will get the fake tree down from the attic.

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