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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November darkness

Already November and it gets darker and darker. Colder also. The jacket I bought very cheaply at Ullared in September has proven to be very useful. It's both thick and windproof.

Sunday I went to the mall and bought some small items, but the rest of the weekend was spent at home. There was not much activity. I solved some crossword puzzles and tried to decide what clothes to bring on my trip to London.

We have been asked to do a presentation of a project my department is involved in at work. We decided to do a slide show. Today my colleague and I went to the remote storages and he took photos of me taking the request from the printer, loading the carts into the car, climbing up on a ladder to retrieve the volume at the storage and so on. The guy who scans the articles also got photographed. We will show all our other colleagues the routine from the moment the article is requested until it becomes available online. My more technically gifted co-workers will enter these photos into a viewing program, and we will present it later this month.

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