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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Work related issues

Wednesday morning I woke up an hour and a half too late! I had forgotten to set the alarm clock. It was not a pleasant awakening, realizing that so much time had been lost. We are so busy at work in the mornings. It wasn't a world record, but I was out of the door in 22 minutes. I even remembered to bring the lunch boxes with me. When I arrived at the train station, the screen indicated train delay by 20 minutes. It was not a good start of the day. I lagged behind with work for the rest of the day.

Today I actually remembered the 8.30 meeting, much to the other's surprise. I had told my closest colleagues to remind me, and it helped. The desk duty this afternoon was kind of interesting. I knew beforehand that a woman would come and ask for old music material (chapbooks) that I had retrieved. The main problem was that she arrived five minutes before closing time (which is 5 pm). She was totally clueless of everything. She had gone to the city library first, believing that it was the right place. When she got to our library, she couldn't find her way to the manuscript reading room (there are signs). A reference librarian had to escort her. When she told me who she was, I got the material out, but she was so stressed for time that she couldn't sit down to look at it. I was prepared to make an exception and let her stay longer, but it didn't help. She hastily decided on having all of it copied, and filled in the form. During this whole time she talked non-stop, mostly about unrelating subjects. In addition, she asked for copies from two books she had seen in the reference collection ten minutes earlier, but couldn't remember the titles and didn't have time to show me. It will be a guessing game for me tomorrow. There is no way she is a regular visitor at any library.

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