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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bowling in Malmö

Tuesday evening the social club at work arranged dinner & bowling in Malmö. We had this arrangement also last fall. We started with the dinner and it was marvelous food. Wild boar steak, moose meatballs, deer steak, bbq ribs, spicy chicken and lots of other great dishes. It was called Hunter's Buffet. We all ate too much. The bowling was fun and the styles varied a lot. One in my team won, but he was not really an amateur, he had done this quite a few times before. I managed four strikes in the last series and I was told it was pretty good. I hope everybody understands that it was just luck. It was the third time I had been in a bowling hall in my life. The arrangement was definitely a success and we will probably do this again next year.

Today we had a visit from a young German library science student from Berlin. Her name was Dana and she followed me around during most of the morning work. She retrieved books in the stacks and then we drove to the remote storages to do the same. She was really impressed by the large shelving systems. Her English was quite good and she actually tried to learn Swedish.

Yesterday a brand new gigantic Ikea store opened in Malmö. They had grown out of their old building. The newspapers reported that 20 000 people had visited. Unbelievable. I might go there some day later, when things are not so crazy.

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