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Monday, October 26, 2009


It's dark and rainy here now. Typical Swedish Fall weather. It's dark when I leave home in the morning and dark when I leave work in the afternoon. Pretty boring and slightly depressing. I decided to cheer me up with a shopping trip - I'm going on a three-day visit to London on November 8. So I have spent most of the weekend searching online for clothing/shoe/vintage/second hand stores that I want to go to. I was thinking of seeing at least one museum also.

Friday we had a party for seven employees who no longer works at the library. Six of them retired and the seventh got a new job in Stockholm. It's always nice to have a party, but sad to see so many colleagues go at the same time. With the current financial problems none of them will be replaced. This will soon have pretty interesting consequences. The acquisition department no longer has time to open all the boxes with incoming books, for instance. For my department I'm not going to complain yet, we have the youngest staff members. But one part-timer is leaving in February and the newest employee will get changed duties part of the time he is in the stacks, starting January. There haven't been any changes for the better at the library for quite a while, unfortunately.

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