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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wedding in Västergötland

Friday after work I went by train to my father's place. We had pizza downtown Vinslöv. This is the place where I grew up, I lived there for about 20 years. There were not many stores that had survived from that time.

Saturday morning my father and I went by car to the province of Västergötland. It took about four hours to reach the area of Kinnekulle, which is a forested hill with a natural preserve. The fall foliage was very beautiful, the colors were very strong in red and yellow. We checked in to the hostel and met several of our relatives there. My grandfather (aged 95) was there, among others. It really is amazing that he can take such active part in the family events. We changed our clothes and drove to the church, ten minutes away. It was a small countryside church, situated with a wonderful view of lake Vänern. We attended the wedding of my first cousin Johan and his girlfriend Monika there. It was a nice ceremony, and surprisingly short, about 30 minutes. The party was at an old smith's house at a manor house nearby. About 80 guests enjoyed the meal (deer - very delicious), the speeches, the sing-along and the general ambiance. My aunt had made the cake herself, nine cakes with chocolate and raspberry mousse. In all, a great party!

I might add that I was wearing a brown dress with turquoise-blue dots on, a necklace I got at a second hand store for 30 SEK and a bracelet I had made myself. I bought the dress at Macy's in New York City last year, and it was the first time I used it. A great bargain, I think it cost something like 25 USD.

Sunday morning my father was going to continue further north, to go moose hunting, so I went with my sister and her husband to Borås instead. My mother and nephew joined us for a lunch at a Greek restaurant. It was a small celebration of my sister's and her husband's wedding anniversary. After coffee at my mother's apartment, she drove me to the train station. It took about four hours to travel back home to Kävlinge.

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