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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Book sale

The week at work was a fairly normal one. It was my turn to drive to the remote storages, and it went ok. It's not particularly fun, but someone has to do it.

Yesterday the local Amnesty group had their biannual second hand book sale. It's always very well organized, they even divide the books into subject areas. I found three books of interest; a memoir by a Swede in Canada, a collection of letters written from emigrants to their families in Sweden and a biography of Gustaf Hellström (an author whose mother was born in Norra Strö). Several of my colleagues had also made it to the book sale, and one even found books for her library. My favorite thrift store had Christmas decorations for sale (like most other stores), and I got a small bag with various things to hang in the Christmas tree.

This afternoon I'm going to the airport in Copenhagen, to catch a flight to London. I haven't been abroad this year and I thought I would go on a trip somewhere. It was ten years ago I was in London and I have been wanting to go back again. It's just a three-day visit, but I hope to get some of the Christmas shopping done there.

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