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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Archive visit

The two workdays last week were tough, but I survived. One of our regular patrons made me rather frustrated Friday. She had stated on the call slip that she would return in two weeks. This meant that I didn't retrieve the book for her, since we had lots of other requests. Half an hour before deadline, she showed up at the desk, asking for it. The attending librarian called me, but then I was on my way to the chiropractor, and couldn't do anything. The two others who would have a chance finding the book (it was a complicated request), were unavailable. When I got back I got the volume out, but I don't know if the patron returned again.

The desk duty on Friday was busy. There are many students asking for journals and newspapers right now. They have an assignment to study one of each from the 17th, early 18th, late 18th, early 19th, late 19th, and early 20th centuries. There are at least 30 students. That's a fair amount of volumes to be retrieved.

Saturday it was Archive Day and I visited the local community archive with my friend Eva. It's just two blocks away and I had never been there before. The local genealogical society also showed their books and databases and tried to recruit new members. The archive contained mostly minutes, accounts and records from the local administration, but also more interesting things like records from local societies and schools. Eva found a photo of herself from 7th grade, for instance. There was a film from 1974 showing a nearby town and quite a few photo and clipping collections. There were photos of the apartment building I live in from before I moved here in 1991. The archive was small, but quite interesting.

After having tried most of the flavors of Ben & Jerry ice-cream sold here, I have come to the conclusion that I like New York Super Fudge Chunk best. Just in case anyone was wondering.....

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