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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Interesting Friday

The last working day of the week, Friday, turned out to be an interesting one. Several things out of the ordinary happened. First, the lock on the safety cabinet (where all the manuscripts currently used by patrons are kept) malfunctioned. It was impossible to open the door. It took a long time to get hold of the only locksmith who could get it open - he was in Blekinge province.

When I had been collecting books from one of the remote storages and made the last turn to get back to the library I noticed two fire engines with flashing lights standing outside the staff entrance. The things I said out loud at that moment aren't suitable to repeat in writing. The greatest fear is a major fire there - the amount of easily burning material is gigantic. Luckily, it was false alarm.

Saturday I went on a shopping trip to Malmö. It was really hot and sticky weather, and not an ideal time to spend in a town, but I had a nice visit. I went to the area where many immigrants have stores, Möllevången. This is a very interesting and lively area, where you can get Greek, Indian, Turkish, Arabic and Lebanese food, shop very affordable fresh fruits and vegetables in the square and go to the flea market and haggle with the Russian women selling clothes and make-up. I came home with a pair of jeans, a watch and some small items I need for the trip in September (there are limits on the size of the shampoo bottles these days, so I had to get smaller containers).

Today I have been very active, I have cleaned all the windows on all sides, mended two tops and three pairs of jeans, thrown out some clothes I never use, mopped the floors and cleaned the balcony furniture.

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