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Friday, August 22, 2008

Concert in riverside park

Wednesday Eleanor Anderson and her son Kurt and his son Ivan arrived at the airport in Copenhagen. Tommy picked them up and drove them to the hotel in Kristianstad. Yesterday I went by train there for the Stadsmusikkåren concert in the riverside park. I stopped by at the hotel first and accompanied them (Rolf & Sharon too) to the park. It's a short distance, so we walked. My father was there too, and we enjoyed an hour of mixed music, particularly Leroy Anderson tunes. We listened to Syncopated Clock, Blue Tango, Rakes of Mallow, Belle of the Ball and Serenata (twice). They also played some Swedish tunes by another Andersson; Benny (former member of Swedish pop band ABBA).

Afterwards my father and I were invited to dessert and coffee at the hotel. The chocolate cake was delicious. We talked a lot about several subjects; languages, Leroy, their visit here in 1966, the Sami population in northern Sweden, the regional differences here and much else. It was very nice to see them and it was very late when my father drove me home again.

This evening I am going to my mother's place again, and we will see the Andersons both Saturday and Sunday.

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