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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend at home

The past week was a little slower at work, but I still didn't have time to write on the blog during the desk duty on Thursday.

Monday evening I got a visit from a friend of mine who lives in the north of Sweden, but is down in Skåne for vacation. We talked about computers (she had bought a brand new one), vacations, books and clothes.

Friday I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on TV. Spectacular, to say the least. Incredible fireworks! Sweden already got one medal, a female cyclist named Emma Johansson came in second in the road race. Everybody was surprised, also the commentators.

This weekend I spent at home, trying to get things organized for the up-coming events. Several members of the Leroy Anderson family is coming to visit in a very short time! Leroy's widow Eleanor, aged 90, couldn't come to the concert in April due to health problems, but she is now going to visit Kristianstad later in August. She will attend a concert, a musical, a meeting and also visit the Norra Strö area. All these things will be connected to Leroy Anderson. His sons Kurt (with son Ivan), and Rolf (with wife Sharon) will also be here. Unfortunately, I have to work during the weekdays, but I will see them on a weekend and a few evenings.

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