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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Busy weekend

The work week was rather uneventful. Thursday afternoon I stopped by at the hotel Rolf and Sharon stayed at in Lund. They had arrived there very early that morning and they were tired. We went out for coffee and then we had dinner at the hotel. Slow service, but good food.

Friday I brought a chocolate mint cake I had baked the previous evening and my colleagues finished it at the morning coffee break. Every Friday we are a group of people from different departments who get together and have coffee with bread rolls. It's a nice tradition started years ago. Since most of us work in the stacks we don't really get to see our colleagues that much, often not even during the lunch hour.

Friday at noon I met Rolf and Sharon for lunch at a restaurant close to the hotel, the pasta gratin with ham was very tasty. We then went on a tour of Lund, we saw the main university building, rune stones, old museum grocery store and spent some time in the Botanical Garden. Extensive collection of flowers, and a very nice garden to stroll in. We spent a few hours in the library, where I showed some of the books in the old collection. Rolf used the computer and then we had some chocolate mint cake (I had made two). At 4.42 p.m. all three of us took the train to Kristianstad where we were met by Tommy and Patrik of the Leroy Anderson committee. Rolf and Sharon checked in to Grand Hotel and then we had dinner at the restaurant that has such delicious pizzas. After that, I took the bus to Åhus, where my mother and sister picked me up.

Saturday the Ericsson family women went to three flea markets in Åhus in the morning. We found some small items worth buying. I got an egg cup and a smaller bag (for the trip in September). My sister found some caps for John. My mother got a box with coasters (to have under the drinking glass). Oscar and John spent the morning at Furuboda. It was Play Day where (mostly handicapped) kids of all ages got to participate in games and other fun activities such as golf, bungy jump (sort of), go for rides in a horse buggy, an old car, a small train or a haycart pulled by a tractor. You could also go for a ride in a merry-go-round, get your face painted, spend time at the computer, listen to several well known pop singers and have some ice-cream. After lunch at my mother's place, we all went to Furuboda again. John was mostly interested in the merry-go-round and jumping on the trampoline mat.

Later in the afternoon, my mother cut my hair (very needed) and then my sister and I went to Kristianstad to pick up Rolf and Sharon. We all went to Färlöv to attend a party at Tommy's place. He is the chairman of the Leroy Anderson committee. He had invited the other committee members and Rolf & Sharon for dinner. The entry meal was a selection of very Swedish food: herring, smoked salmon, pickled raw salmon, eel, crayfish and some dark bread. The main meal was marinated meat with potato salad. Very tasty. It was very nice to see the others again. We had a lot to talk about and it was after midnight when we left.

This morning it was difficult to get out of bed, but it was necessary. I drove to Kristianstad again to pick up Rolf and Sharon. We went to Önnestad to attend Sweden America Day. It started with church service at 11 a.m. Outside the Åhus Wind Orchestra lined up and followed the nation flags in the parade to the nearby park. There were speeches and the VASA Order of America presented the annual award to a businessman who helps Swedish companies to start businesses in America. The VASA Order is a Swedish-American friendship and cultural organization promoting exchange between the two countries (and Canada). They give this award to people who "build bridges" between these countries. We belonged to the VIP-guests, so we were treated to lunch (herring). The orchestra played mostly tunes by Leroy Anderson. I didn't get to hear much of it, because I was involved in a very interesting conversation with a former recipient of the award, Bengt Berglund. He and I discussed the history of emigration from the area around Kristianstad, and he was very knowledgeable.

After a little more than three hours in Önnestad, the rain increased and we decided to leave. I drove Rolf and Sharon to the cabin in Åhus they have rented for the week. We also went grocery shopping and drove a few rounds in the village for orientation purposes. I hope they will have a good time and that the weather improves.

I returned to Kävlinge this evening by train.

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