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Friday, July 4, 2008


There isn't that much to do at work in July, and that's rather nice. I got the desk duty today instead of Thursday, because someone else wanted to go on a birthday party. Right now there is just one visitor here. During the summer we often get visitors from other countries, yesterday there were people here from Australia and Dubai, for instance. We have already done several of the summer projects, so now there are only the boring things left.

The past ten weekends (except one) I have spent at my mother's place, but this up-coming weekend I will not. I've been thinking of what to do, and I might go to a city and be a tourist. What I really should be doing is clean the floor in my apartment, get all the photos into albums, mend three pairs of jeans, do laundry and clean the windows. But it's not as fun.

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