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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Flea market

Last week I spent three days working with the flea market at Furuboda. My sister and her family had come down from Borås also. She and I sold books, my mother sold textiles. We had stalls with differently marked prices, starting at 5 SEK (1 Dollar). Also special tables for technical stuff, Christmas ornaments, paintings and lamps. The most valuable things were sold at an auction at the same place. It wasn't such a big event as it was last year, but it was still very exhausting. But also very fun! Some people who bought books didn't want their change back, because they knew the money went to charity. We had very nice customers and I sold books I never thought anyone would be interested in.

On Saturday we took it easy. We needed to rest. Sunday my mother and I opened the flea market again for a few hours. There were some things left that were worth buying. I reorganized the books, weeded four boxes to be thrown out and put the rest in a storage room for next year. Later my mother drove me to the bus stop in Åhus, and I went home to Kävlinge again.

One other thing we did last week was a very nice dinner at a local fish restaurant with a great view of the river, Helge Å. We (my sister, her husband and I) each got a big bowl of prawns, bread and three different dips. Chocolate cake for dessert. Very tasty.

Back to work on Monday it took a while before I realized that I was the only one in the stacks..... It is July and not that many requests, but it was at the top of my ability to do seven people's jobs. The worst part is driving to four other locations (remote storages) to retrieve books - it's so time-consuming. And then of course the compact shelves at one storage had to malfunction just because I was in a hurry. Today was better, two others had a few hours left and helped out in the morning.

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