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Sunday, July 20, 2008


Friday at noon I took the train to Kristianstad. My mother picked me up at the station. We went to the funeral of Inga Lundblad, my mother's first cousin. She was very interested in family history and helped me a lot with information about the Mattisson part of the family. Her mind was clear until the end (she died at age 85), and we often spent time talking about "the old days". She was the kindest, most generous person you can imagine, and her death is a great loss to her family.

Saturday my mother and I went to the flea markets in Åhus. She hadn't been there in months. We didn't shop that much, just some fabric my mother will make into rags and weave with. She has a loom set up in the small cottage in her yard, and she weaves table runners and sometimes rugs. In the afternoon we visited a friend of hers in Tollarp.

Today we had the usual lunch at Furuboda and then I went back to Kävlinge again. The bus and the train were unbelievably crowded, and the busdriver (who was ten minutes late already before leaving Åhus) broke all possible traffic rules so that we would make the connection.

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