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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Historical Society

Friday evening I went to Kristianstad, where my mother picked me up. Saturday we went to Yngsjö, where there are lots of summer houses. We visited the guy whose grandfather was lost in America. He showed me the letters the grandfather had written and sent home to Sweden. It's clear that something had happened, because the letters indicated that his wife was upset with him. There were also some returned letters written in 1934, so his family never got hold of him after that. I have ordered the death certificate for the person with a matching birth date I found dead 1974 in Florida, to see if that was really him. If it was, his family members in the US will get a surprise.

Saturday evening my mother and I engaged ourselves in work around the house. I mowed the lawn and she tried to clear out and re-organize the stuff in the small house in the back yard.

This morning we filled the car with things we didn't have a need for, and drove about half a mile down the road to the annual fleamarket arranged by the homeowner's association. Anyone living there could set up a table and sell things. There were about 12-15 tables. We had brought four beach chairs my mother once won in a slogan competition. We sold all of them pretty quickly - it was the right kind of people there. My mother lives in an area near the beach where there are mostly summer houses. We also sold some clothes and small decorative items.

After a quick lunch (tuna salad) we drove to the Historical Society in Norra Strö. It was open for business, meaning they served coffee and cakes. The Leroy Anderson exhibit was still up, and we decided that it will continue to be there until early November. It was a nice afternoon with lots of chatting about family and local history.

The train ride back to Kävlinge was the hottest I have ever experienced. Something had happened to the air conditioning system, it had totally freaked out and was blowing hot air. It was definitely over 40 centigrades in the train. It was awful, and people were about to pass out.

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