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Thursday, July 24, 2008


The only noteworthy thing today was the three different cakes our boss had placed in the lunch room for us. It is her namesday (Kristina) today and thought we should celebrate it. It was very nice of her. They were very tasty. All three of them.

I'm still doing several people's jobs, but it's not as stressful as last week. It has slowed down even more. There are only two visitors in the manuscript reading room right now.

A few weeks ago I was asked to locate someone's grandfather..... He had emigrated from Sweden alone in the 1920s and wrote home during the next ten years, but then stopped. He was divorced, but I still don't think that's a reason for not writing home for the additional 40 years of his life - I found out that he died 1974 in Florida. His children had no idea about this. I'm not saying this is the worst case I have been asked to solve, but it's making the top ten.

Can anyone guess where I'm going this weekend?

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