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Thursday, May 29, 2008


So, no one noticed the grammatical mistake in the previous blog entry? I saw it too late to bother about changing it.

The weather is very nice here. Very sunny and warm. This weekend it will be even warmer. Since Swedes live their lives in darkness for several months during winter, this season is what everybody is waiting for. Everybody except me, it seems like. This is the time of year when I suffer from sleeplessness and I can't be outside without wearing sun-glasses. I can't stand the hot and sticky weather. That's why I normally work during the summer. Though I admit to the fact that it's nice to have slower days at work, to eat lots of ice-cream and go swimming in the sea.

I have made some use of my mother's car - I went to the mall in Löddeköpinge yesterday evening. It's a big place with many different stores. I didn't shop that much, just some groceries.

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