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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Busy work week

It has been busy at work this week. It started with a meeting this Monday, where we discussed all the projects we are involved in. I handed out a list of eleven tasks we have to do during the summer, when things are slower here. It ranges from checking books on the shelf that still have "at bindery" status in the database after more than a year, to moving three different collections to other locations. We will get access to one more remote storage in July, and will fill it with about 4000 shelf meters of books. More space is always needed, the storage we are really waiting for is a big building that will house about 45000 shelf meters. The university lacks funding right now, and it's a little frustrating.

Tuesday I was at a remote storage to load old dissertations on carts. It turned out to be ten carts, and I asked the maintenance guy to bring it to the main library, but so far they haven't shown up. Wednesday I had, to my surprise, desk duty in the manuscript reading room. I usually get Thursdays. But it didn't matter, the job is the same. Today there was a new exhibit opened in the entrance hall of the library. It was about a Swedish composer named Lars-Erik Larsson. It is his centennial this year. He composed classical music and was also a professor of music. His most known piece is called Pastoralsvit.

This weekend I will go and visit my mother, who seems to be doing better. She has cut down on the pain medication, and that's a good sign.

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