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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Shopping in Kristianstad

There was no grass to cut at my mother's place (the weather has been very sunny and the lawn was more brown than green), but instead the plants needed watering a lot. I also washed the car. Not that it was much use, because there is lots of pollen in the air and it covered the car again very quickly. My mother wanted to go to Kristianstad, and we managed to get her into the passenger seat and the wheel chair in the back. It's a small car, but very useful with a large trunk. We had ice-cream in town and then went shopping. I was surprised to see so many stores that still have steps. It's not only disabled people who have problems getting in, it also prevents people with baby-strollers to go shopping there. Almost all the walking streets in Kristianstad are covered with cobble stones, so the wheel chair ride wasn't particularly smooth either. But we took it easy and slowly. My mother was happy just to see something else than her house. Both of us bought some clothes at our favorite store, Kappahl. I found a pair of jeans about half price off, and my mother got two tops from the sales rack.

Today I went through the exhibit material I had used at the concert. I needed to know if everything was there (it wasn't) and I wanted to see if I can use some of it again on June 29 (I can). My mother and I also engaged ourselves in cooking. We made a very tasty vegetarian lasagne that we ate outside on the deck. She wanted to get rid of the chicken (which she doesn't eat) in the freezer, so we cooked it too and I brought it home to have for lunch at work.

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