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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Egg cups

The last working day of the week turned out to be rather pleasant. I have joined the organizing committee which arranges social events for the staff. We are now planning for the annual excursion in August, and we had to look for a decent restaurant in Lund. So seven of us were treated to lunch at a local place with (as it turned out) very good food. After the meal we decided that it's going to be the place to have the dinner after the excursion. Where the actual excursion will be remains to be seen. We have arranged for buses, but still haven't got a destination!

The weekend at my mother's house was just like I thought it would be - lots of work. I had to cut the grass again, but it wasn't so difficult this time. I watered the plants outside and inside, did the laundry and a few other household chores. I drove to Åhus also to pay the rent for the van we had used when the Andersons were here. There are several flea markets in Åhus on Saturdays, and I stopped at one to see if they had any nice egg cups. When I moved to this apartment my mother gave me her collection of egg cups made of china, and I have continued to collect them. I found six at the flea market, three with flowers on and three with chickens.

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Anette said...

Om du går på loppis och hittar billigt silver så får du gärna köpa det åt mig. Typ bestick (men inte nysilver) eller gamla smycken. /Anette