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Thursday, May 22, 2008


The most interesting event of the week was a speech I and a colleague had to give in front of almost 100 other colleagues on Tuesday. It was all the other librarians at the university. We had a conference day, where people from the different libraries presented their on-going projects. Some examples: teaching students how to write references, evaluating a library website, making 2000 year old papyri available online, scanning and electronic delivery of journal articles and much more. Our speech was about the project we are doing in the stacks, where we use technical support to sort the requests to stacks, and have an electronic answering system so that the student doesn't have to show up in person to get the answer that the book is unavailable (we email them directly from the stacks now - a great improvement from before). Our speech was very well received, and we got a lot of questions afterwards.

Today's desk duty was uneventful. There were no visitors at all the first three hours, and then 30 minutes before closing two scholars came to read old books. The number of visitors varies a great deal. Some days it's so busy I have no time to do the tasks I bring with me.

This weekend I will visit my mother again. No doubt she has a long to-do list for me.

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