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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Back to Kävlinge

Last Sunday I spent most of the morning trying to cut the grass in my mother's back yard. It had been neglected for quite some time, and it was very long. The lawn mower gave up and had to be restarted after every twenty meters or so. After the household chores were done, I rested.

Monday I drove up to Åhus to get the winter tires of the car removed and summer ones put on. Another thing that had been neglected..... I did some bank errands and then continued to Kristianstad. I spent an hour in the library, checking my email messages. There were a few. After reading the work-email, I understood that my colleagues missed me, but I decided to ignore it and logged out. In the evening the centennial committee had a meeting. We really had nothing of importance to discuss, because it is all over now, but even so the meeting lasted for three hours. It was great to hear everybody's stories about the concert and everything that had happened. We looked at pictures and talked about the fabulous event we had arranged.

Tuesday morning I had an unpleasant experience at the dentist. He mended a broken dental work and then removed a wisdom tooth. The last part was the worst. To get it out was easy (according to the dentist), but then it bled a lot from where it had been and I'm still sore. Later I went over to the city library and removed the Leroy Anderson exhibit. I could tell a lot of people had seen it, because almost all the brochures were gone. Having the exhibit at the library proved to be good, it's a place lots of people visit.

Wednesday I borrowed my mother's car and drove home to Kävlinge. She will have to manage with the help of home-care services and her friends now. My apartment is yet another place that has been neglected for a while, and it will take weeks to get it back in shape. It looked very messy, and it didn't get any better when I came home with loads of stuff and just threw it into the living room. All the house plants except one had survived.

I had to work Thursday and Friday, and that's the amount of time it took to go through all the messages, basically. I did some actual work also. My colleagues were happy to see me. This is one of the high seasons at the library, when the students are finishing their essays (and order a lot of books) and they also hand back large amounts of books before the summer.

This weekend I have made some use of my mother's car and went to all four fleamarkets in Marieholm (bought some minor things) and to the mall to get food and ink for my printer. I also got some plants to have in the balcony flower box (three geraniums). I brought the table and chairs down from the attic and put them on the balcony, so now I can enjoy the warm and sunny weather there. Today was laundry day and it was more work than usual - five loads.

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