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Thursday, December 27, 2007


The Christmas holiday was a trying time, and most of it is best forgotten. I didn't feel well, mainly because of a marvelous headache. I had a slight fever also and my brain was fuzzy. It must have been some sort of flu, because nothing I ate agreed with me. It's very difficult to be nice and sociable under these circumstances. Now, I have never had any extensive social skills (I hate small talk and I can't pretend), so I'm not sure anyone really noticed any difference.

The more positive thing about Christmas is of course the presents, and they were plenty. Especially the three kids (my nephew and his two cousins) got lots of it. My nephew ended up with many fascinating toys; three fire trucks, an ambulance and a play mat with roads and houses printed on it. The most unexpected present I got was a donation in my name for a goat to a poor family in Mozambique, Africa. I thought that was a great idea. We definitely have everything we need (and more) so getting a present like that was very nice. Particularly since the money is given to a specific project where the aim is to make the poor people self-supporting. I did get some other presents also, like a frying pan, bars of fine soap, and a necklace.

It was a fairly busy day at work today, at least for me. We have a backlog due to the systems upgrade, and we were only two people working in the stacks.

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