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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Trip to the mall

It wasn't that rainy last Sunday, so I went to the mall then instead. Since I don't have a car, I had to take the bus. There are only two departures on weekends and they are almost always full. Especially now, when people are doing their Christmas shopping. I managed to find what I have needed for quite some time - new shoes! I bought two pairs of the same kind, but different colors. I have really big feet and it's a problem finding good shoes. The other thing I was looking for was tinsel, but I gave up after a while. There were tinsel of all colors; red, green and even black, but ordinary silver color was nowhere to be found. I will ask my mother if she has any to give to me, since she doesn't have a tree this year. The large number of black Christmas ornaments surprised me a little, I have never seen that before. It seems to be a new fashion.

On Monday evening I discovered that there was a new grocery store in the center of Kävlinge. It's called Netto and is originally a Danish chain. I knew it was going to open, but not exactly what date and I hadn't seen any ads for it. They had pretty cheap groceries.

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