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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Shopping in Malmö

Yesterday I went on a short shopping trip to Malmö. I ended up at IKEA. I should have known better than to go there so close to Christmas. All the cash registers were open, so it wasn't very bad, but it was still pretty crowded. I have been a little disappointed with the supply of Christmas ornaments this year. It has been difficult to get the more traditional kind. It seems like the fashion today is more towards big and very glittery (and even black), and I don't care for that. I have had better luck at the second hand stores.

I have purchased all the Christmas presents now and that's a big relief. It's the same problem every year. My family members have very short or non-existing wish-lists. They say they don't really need anything. It's the same with me. I go shopping a lot (it's one of my favorite pastimes), so if there is anything I want, I have already bought it.

I have sent out my annual Christmas letter to most of my relatives and friends in other countries now. If anyone feels neglected, contact me.

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