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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Last week before Christmas

It has been a slow work week. Our database was down for upgrading for four days, so the students could only with much difficulty order books from the stacks. We didn't have a lot to do here, so I convinced a maintenance guy to drive me and eight carts to a remote storage to load some books and bring them back to the main library. These books need new call numbers, and that can only be done at the main library. At the same time we weeded a supply of office materials no one uses anymore. Today the database started working again, and to our surprise it is working quite well. Some previous up-grades are still fresh in our memory, especially the one where the entire thing stopped working after a few hours.

This is the party week at work, or so it seems, at least. Every department has had coffee breakes de luxe, with Christmas cookies and glögg. This Tuesday we were treated to a Christmas lunch, with roasted ham, meatballs, herring, and all the traditional food. My department head has also given us lots of chocolate, candy and fruit. This year's present consisted of two bags of assorted nuts and a modern style nutcracker.

I have received Christmas cards and letters from many of my overseas relatives, and for this I thank you. It is always interesting to know what you are all doing, to learn about new family members and to hear that you try to keep up the Swedish traditions.

I'm travelling to my sister's place on Saturday morning, for a five day stay. I might not be able to write any messages here until late next week.

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