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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas party

The biggest event of the week was the Christmas party on Friday. All the people working at the libraries at the university were invited, but this year only about 30 of them showed up for it. It was held at a restaurant. There was the traditional seasonal food; sausages, meatballs, Jansson's temptation, roasted ham, several kinds of pickled herring and red beet salad. Very tasty. We had a competition where we got baby pictures of our colleagues, and we were to guess who they were. It was difficult, no one got all the answers right. I managed, by pure luck, to get second prize. The reward was a book (what else?).

Yesterday my mother and her boyfriend came to visit me. They were just going to drop some things off, but ended up staying a large part of the day. They had brought dinner with them. My mother gave me some more Christmas ornaments, so now there is enough tinsel in the tree and a top ornament (a tinsel star). My mother had also picked up the package of candy I had won earlier at a grocery store competition. It was quite a lot of chocolate, three books and gift certificates for a movie. Very nice.

Today was the usual laundry/cooking/cleaning Sunday. Boring, but necessary.

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