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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Last Thursday was Waffle Day, and I celebrated this event twice during the weekend. I cheated and bought ready-made mix. I tried the waffles with whipped cream and raspberry jam, and then pancake syrup. Any way is ok with me.

We changed to daylight savings time between Saturday and Sunday. It has been hard to get out of bed so early these past few days, but I will adjust after a while. There have been many requests to process at work so far this week, even though it's Easter week and the students don't have any classes. It seems like they have papers to write instead.

I had to go home early from work today because the janitor was going to inspect the electricity and radiators in every apartment. Three of my radiators only reach about half the power, and I have really noticed during this very cold winter. That was the only complaint I had. He also checked the bathroom for leaks, but he said it was as dry as a bathroom can possibly get.

I might have mentioned my upcoming birthday (on Monday). I have already received some presents in the mail. Tomorrow afternoon I will take the train to BorĂ¥s and spend five days with my sister and her family. There will be some sort of celebration on Sunday.

For those keeping record, my niece now has a name: Inez Elna Beata. The first two are family names, the third is new to this clan.

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Jane Vercelli said...

Happy Birthday, Tessa! Also, thanks for the news about the name for Anette and Oskar's baby girl. Jane