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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Difficult research task

It's not often I have dinner in town, but Thursday evening I had lasagne at a small restaurant in Lund. It was quite good, but the place was rather noisy - lots of students. When I came back home I stopped by at a local hair salon. The last time I got a hair cut was in December, so it was definitely time for a revisit.

Saturday was spent at the regional archive again. I got a question from one of my colleagues about family history research. In his case it was yet another of those tragic stories. His father never knew who his parents were. It has taken two visits to the archive to get it sorted out and I still couldn't find all the details. It was a very difficult case. The mother had given birth to him in a parish where she didn't live. It said what parish she had come from, but that was one of the largest cities in southern Sweden and there was no index for the household records. Since the matter in my opinion was important and I couldn't find a way around it, I started going through the records page by page and was lucky to find her on page 130. When my colleague gets this information tomorrow he will be surprised. His father had uncles and cousins living in the same town as he, unaware of each other.

Today was the Vasaloppet cross country ski race and I watched some of it on TV. It's a 90 km race and it's beyond me that people want to do it. They started at 8 AM and people are still arriving at the finish ten hours later. The race was won by a Swede and it was a tough fight all the way until the finish line - he won by less than 30 cm over another Swede.

Today I have been out twice to get rid of the recycleables, which meant that I have also been grocery shopping twice. The salmon pie I made to have for lunches at work might not last that long..... It was incredibly tasty, and it surprised me. The last time I tried making a seafood pie it didn't turn out so good. This time I exchanged the milk for creme fraiche, lemon juice and grated cheese, and baked it longer time.

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