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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Astronomy question

Monday afternoon was basically the first time since the after-Christmas sales that I went clothes shopping. I took the bus to Nova shopping center in Lund. I only found a pair of shoes and two tops, so it wasn't that excessive.

It's the second rainy Saturday in a row and I have stayed indoors. Really boring. But at least it is spring now. Yesterday there was a record temperature in Lund, over 19 centigrades. I have tried to rearrange my closet so that the summer clothes are easy to reach.

It was a heavy week at work. It was my turn to drive the storage round. Friday there was a woman there to analyze the work environment. We had complained about the heavy chores, and she said there was no wonder we have back problems. We lift crates filled with books between the car, the loading docks, the circulation desk and the media desk. She really didn't have any solution for us, and we didn't think she would have.

Desk duty on Thursday was kind of interesting. I got a phone call there from a scholar in the Netherlands! His field was astronomy and he asked about a book printed 1609 that we have. He wanted to know if there were any illustrations in it. I had to check, because it sometimes doesn't say in the catalog. There weren't any. When I sent him the message via e-mail Friday, he answered and explained why he wanted to know. He was looking for information about two constellation maps from early 17th century that had been cut out from an unknown book and pasted on cardboard. He had found these maps in Leiden, the Netherlands. He is trying to locate a book that has these maps still attached. Without knowing the title, it's a little difficult.....

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