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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring cleaning

We had spring cleaning at work this week. The janitor had arranged for a large container and we were asked to throw away everything we didn't want anymore. I did a tour of the stacks and got rid of lots of stuff. Old lamps, light bulbs, metal and wooden pieces left there by craftsmen, broken pieces of furniture, old book ends and a few other things. I did four trips to the container, so it was a fair amount of junk.

Saturday was really rainy and I didn't do much, apart from watching sports on TV and rearrange my genealogy files (into a more strict subject order).....

This morning I was incredibly active and took the train to Lund to go swimming at the indoor pool. There were lots of families there, but it worked out, since they were not in the same area and the sauna was practically empty. Afterwards I had lunch at a small café; a grilled turkey sandwich.

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