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Sunday, January 24, 2010

New TV

I forgot to write what I did last Sunday. I removed the Christmas ornaments and put the tree back in the attic. It actually took most of the day. And my apartment isn't large, it's only two rooms. I couldn't get the ornaments to fit in the boxes either, I must have bought too many items and/or not thrown away enough items.

I have continued to do research about the people mentioned in Olga's almanacs, both relatives and not. I'm lucky to work at such a big library, because we have the newspapers on microfilm. There were obituaries that shed some light on what people had been doing for a living, for instance. One thing that really bothered me was the entries about Olga's niece Agnes. It said almost every Friday that Agnes arrived back from Varberg and every Sunday that Agnes returned to Varberg. But what on earth was she doing there? This was of course obvious to Olga, but I couldn't figure it out until Agnes, at about age 60, got sick and ended up in hospital. Olga then wrote that Agnes had received flowers from her class in Varberg. She was a school teacher!

There are so many interesting things in these almanacs. Apart from the personal things she wrote about for instance: the beginnings of World War II, the ending of the same, food rationing, when they got color TV for the first time, when we changed from driving on the left side of the road to the right, the first time a woman was ordained to priesthood and many other events.

Today my father and his girlfriend were here, and we got so much done. I now have a new TV!!! I can't say I have missed it greatly, though. But we started by emptying the fridge and freezer and put the food on the balcony. There was a thick layer of ice inside the freezer and I wanted to get rid of it. We then threw the old TV at the recycling station and went to the mall to find a new one. After some measuring (it couldn't be wider than 80 cm because of the book case) and some thinking, I decided on a flat Samsung. The brand was not important at all, really. Then we did some shopping at the indoor mall, but not much. I got a fair amount of groceries (and a fire extinguisher!) at the store before we returned home also. I didn't think there was so much ice in the freezer, but there was quite a lot of water on the kitchen floor when we got back. Still, it took hours to get all of the ice out. My father installed the TV, but didn't get the channels right, so I will have to work on that later. He also installed the weather station he gave me for Christmas. Now I can see what the temperature is outdoors and also the weather forecast.

Speaking of weather, it's about 7 degrees below zero and pretty chilly. There is some snow on the ground still. It has been a long and cold winter, and it seems to continue.

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