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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Since I still don't have a TV, I have started on a project. It involves the almanacs written by my great great aunt Olga. It turned out to be a huge material to go through. The first one is from 1910 and the last one from 1981. She died in 1985. I met her several times, we visited once every summer. The almanacs contain short statements of what she did, like put up new wallpaper, baked gingersnaps or went to the beach. She also wrote about other family members, especially when they came to visit her, but also if they were on trips elsewhere. This means that I can trace my great grandfather's travels abroad. He was a sales director for Swedish Match for a long time, 1919-1956 approximately. He was travelling a lot in Europe. He even did one trip by air to the US in 1951, to a chemical company in New York (this I knew from passenger lists on Ancestry.com). I have read through the almanacs for 1910-1950, and I really think that it's worth the time and effort to write Olga's life story. It will have to be a long term project, but at least I have started.

Saturday I went to Svedala church to attend the baptismal ceremony of Lucas, the third child of my cousin Anders (this is also on my father's side). It was a nice ceremony. The godparents were Anders' sister-in-law and her Australian husband (they had married just three days before). They reside outside Townsville in northeastern Australia. Anders' wife has great talents in baking and had made seven kinds of cookies for the coffee after the baptism. There were also two large cakes. Everything delicious. There were few guests from Anders' side of the family, mainly due to the cold weather, other engagements and the fact that his parents are on a trip to - Australia!

Today I have been sitting on the couch reading almanacs and also managed to do the laundry. Tomorrow will be a busy day at work, mostly because they decided that the 11th would be the first return day for books after the holidays. We will get large loads of books to stacks, without a doubt.

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