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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The first lecture

This week I removed the Christmas cards that were on display above the computer...... Some things just don't get done around here.

The first lecture on biographical works with ordinary people was this afternoon. If I may say so myself, it was a smashing hit! I talked for two hours non-stop and my colleagues were fascinated. Some of them even found their relatives in the books! I was right when I thought that my colleagues don't know these books exist. There are many books with more famous people or doctors, pastors and high-status professions, but not so many with shop assistants, nurses and farm workers. The latter kind of books are very interesting and chances that you find a relative/ancestor in those books are greater than in the other kind.

I bought some clothes on mail order and they arrived today. I had to pick them up at the gas station this evening. I find it remarkable that everything fits me. Especially the sandals with high heels. There was an expensive summer dress in the catalog and I thought about it for a while before ordering it. It's a very nice long flowing dress, brown with pink and beige flowers. I'm keeping it, even though the opportunities to wear it will be rather few.

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Anonymous said...

Gráttis till föreläsning!!!
Ser fram emot att höra den.
Eva som bara bär banankartonger från ica