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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not so sick anymore

I did go to work on Monday morning. I really shouldn't have, but I knew that two of my most experienced colleagues were also sick. If all three of us would be absent, it would be chaos in the stacks. Just getting the requests sorted correctly takes years of training. I worked for four hours and there were tough priorities to be made everywhere. I decided not to sort incoming books, which threw the whole schedule off for the afternoon shift people that were supposed to shelve the books. We got help retrieving material from very inexperienced staff and that proved not to be so good. It can take a while to discover the mistakes, and there were a few discoveries made today unfortunately. I made a pretty interesting one when I sent a colleague off to a remote storage to look for a volume of Donald Duck comic strip album from 1967. That volume had already been retrieved and was at the main library. I had picked it up myself.

I'm glad to know that you are so sympathetic in my time of trouble. Even my father, who called last night, was expressing his deep sympathy. He had injured his knee at work and was also complaining about his situation. It is not a pleasant thing to be so sick. My brain wasn't working properly and it was painful just to move around. I am much better now and worked until just after the afternoon coffee. The employer treated us to Lenten buns and I didn't want to miss that.

The news from the world outside my own small one say that HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden finally, after years of dating him, is formally engaged to Daniel. The wedding is planned for next year. The tabloid press is ecstatic.

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