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Sunday, February 8, 2009


It has been a busy week like usual. I have tried to go home earlier from work, but it's not easy. Thursday evening the board of the social club at work decided to go out to dinner together. We were eight people, and we went to an Austrian restaurant in Lund that I had never heard of. It was very good food of the steak and potato kind and generous portions. Pancakes with chocolate and nuts for dessert. We had a really good time, discussing the future activities for our colleagues.

Apart from work I have been busy at home too. I'm in the process of entering pictures on a website, for my relatives to view. The problem is that they are unlisted, so each and every one who wants to see these photo albums have to be invited by e-mail. I will start sending out invitations soon. I thought I would write captions for the pictures first. I have also entered the real photos from my trip to the US into real photo albums. I lag behind with lots of administrative chores like that. Earlier this year I was asked to write an article about the Swedish Leroy Anderson Centennial celebrations for the Local historical society publication. It is almost finished and it turned out to be four pages. I never thought that when I started on it.

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Randy Wall said...

Therese, I forward your web page on to Connie and Todd & Shelly. They will love it being on a international web page. You are making us famous. TACK!
I wanted to post my comments on-line at your web page but didn't know how to do it. (or can't we?)
Therese, Thank god you had your picture taken in front of at least one RED barn "cow shed" from your trip to America, especially here in Minnesota where every barn is RED-RÖD, jut like Sweden. BUT where is there a pictures of my American Swedish JUKE BOX where half of the records on it are Svenska?
Remember we danced the night away to Göinge-Flickorna? Hälsning to your mother!
Min Mor och Far sända deras älska alltför. Med vänlig hälsning....Randy