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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back problems

Monday afternoon there was another social club meeting. We are thinking of having a party for Easter. It will be the annual meeting for all members (very few usually show up) followed by some sort of book talk and Easter style food. We are hoping that the food will attract members. The basic law is that free food and free booze make people come to the arrangements.

Tuesday I got treatment at the chiropractor's. The cracking sounds from my spine indicate that maybe I should go more often. I get treatment about four times a year normally. The problems I had with my back last week went away after a few days, so it wasn't that bad.

Today the desk duty is rather boring. The first two hours there were no visitors at all. (Except for a guy that came in and asked for a stapler). Now there are two, and they manage without assistance from me.

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