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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nice radio concert

I listened to the radio concert earlier today and it was very nice. The presenter had asked me for facts about Leroy Anderson, and I could tell he used some of the material in his presentations. The orchestra played the most known pieces, like Syncopated Clock and Blue Tango. It lasted for an hour and I did get it taped.

One other thing that happened last week was the annual meeting in the "social club" at work. It's a group of people (the board) who organizes the Christmas party, Lucia celebration and the excursions we go on a few times a year. This time I had been asked to be a board member, and in a weak moment I said yes. It will not be that much extra work because the others are very experienced, but I will have to attend the meetings.

This morning my mother, who is visiting my sister in Borås, did something really stupid. She was cleaning the kitchen window, when she lost her balance and fell out of it. She landed about three meters down, on a pile of rocks. Needless to say, she is in the hospital right now. It sounds amazing, but she doesn't seem to have broken any bones. But she is very sore and has a headache. This unfortunate accident means a whole lot of problems for the up-coming weeks, because I will be on my own when the Andersons are here. Tomorrow evening I will go to Kristianstad and (hopefully) pick my mother's car up (if I can get hold of the person who has the key). I will then go and get the rental van at a gas station in Åhus. If I can't get the key I will go by bus. On Tuesday I will pick up Rolf at the train station in Kristianstad. The others will arrive on Wednesday. Since there is no internet access at my mother's house, it might take two and a half weeks before I can post a message here next time.

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Eva Hernvall said...

Har nu äntligen hittat din blogg och hoppas att allt gått väl med amerikanerna trots allt fallande ut genom rutor och nycklar som folk har...