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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Leroy Anderson-meeting

I have just come back from another Leroy Anderson-meeting in Kristianstad. It's getting closer now, and everybody is nervous about getting everything ready in time for the concert on April 26. There are so many small details we haven't thought about. Flower arrangements, banners, security, ticket sales and the exhibit are important things that don't really have much to do with the actual music, and we are struggling with local ordinance rules, insurances and all the other paper work. We have sold all but 200 tickets now (out of 1200).

The weekend was fairly quiet here. I had been given treatment by the chiropractor on Friday and was supposed to rest my sore back. I only wrote some emails and watched TV. Though on the Sunday I went on a train trip to Helsingborg and ended up at the mall (is anyone surprised?). I didn't do any excessive shopping, but came home with some more clothes (two tops).

The most exciting event at work this week was when a large bus with school children on an excursion got stuck in the narrow parking area in front of the library. The driver got the bus in, and managed to turn it (which was an accomplishment), but when she was going to drive out, there was a parked car in the way. She had all the kids take a snack break, and after a while the owner of the car was located and the bus could get out of there. Really, there aren't many interesting things to tell about the daily work we do at the library, so anything out of the ordinary is worth telling.

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