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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


My memory isn't that good, apparently. The last time I saw my sister Anette and her family was at my birthday party on April 5. I can't believe I missed that.

Anyway, now I met them at my mother's place. We all went on a trip to the Danish island Bornholm on Saturday, August 11. It was a long travel day, but we had a very good time. We went by car to Åhus, took a free bus to the ferry at Simrishamn, crossed the water in about one hour, and directly upon arrival embarked on a tourist coach. We got to see small villages, a viewpoint overlooking a forest, a very old castle in ruins and a round church. When we got back to the harbour four hours later, there was a display of the Bornholm rescue services. My nephew John (aged 2) thought it was very exciting to sit in the driver's seat of a fire engine and to operate the fire hose (he loves anything that has to do with water)!

Sunday and Monday we were tired and had to take it a little slower..... We did drive to Åhus to get a large ice-cream, though. Tuesday was a long travel day also. We went to Ales stenar (Ale's stones/rocks), which is Sweden's Stonehenge. It's a formation of large rocks, and it looks like a ship. It's 67 meters long and has 59 rocks. The meaning of these rocks is debated, some say it's a solar calendar. We also went to Ystad, one of the major cities in southern Skåne. It's very picturesque, with old buildings and walking streets in the center of it. After this, I went home to Kävlinge again.

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