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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Research and shopping

The headline includes two of my favorite pastimes. Sunday I recovered after the visit in Halmstad. Monday I tried to get the piles on the floor to decrease in number by filing some papers. Success was limited. Tuesday was a shopping day. I went by train to Helsingborg, and took a city bus to a mall called Väla. It's a big place, and there are several nice clothing stores and then there is also an Ikea-store. I didn't really need anything, but even so I managed to come home with quite a few items, clothes mostly. I couldn't resist a jar of cloudberry jam at Ikea either.

Today I went to the main regional archive in Lund. That's where they keep the estate inventories and church records for the 1900s (though not all of it has been handed in from the parish offices yet). I spent most of the day there, trying to find living family members of some unknown relatives I mentioned in an earlier message. My great grandmother's first cousin lived just outside Kristianstad, and no one seems to have known about it. I found out that his children are now deceased also, so I will probably not pursue it. While I was there anyway, I started listing the emigrants from Fjälkestad also. I have already made complete lists of the emigrants from Norra Strö, Färlöv, Kviinge and Gryt parishes. Önnestad will be complete soon. The only one I can't send via email is Färlöv (too large file), but if anyone wants the others, let me know. On my way back, I stopped by at work. My colleagues seem to be managing well during my abscence. It's still fairly quiet, the students haven't started their classes yet.

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