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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas ornaments

It was a bad week at work. Many things I tried to do turned into failures. I had to go to the storage several extra times to shelve dissertations. On one occasion I started out from the library reversing the car and ran right into the university book transportation van. All my fault but there was no sight of that van in my rear view mirror. The van will have to be repaired and I'm pretty sure that will be costly for me. Sigh.

Saturday I went to Malmö to do a tour of the second hand stores. Got some small things. I had a chicken salad for lunch in a cozy cafe. Unfortunately, I got food poisoned from it later in the evening. Very unpleasant. My plans for today had to be cancelled because of that. I have instead brought down the Christmas ornaments from the attic and started to decorate. I even got the beads and craft items out and have managed to make four ornaments for the tree. There was also sports on TV, biathlon and down hill skiing.

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