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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

New project

I haven't written here in a while. There are lots to do at the end of the year. Last Monday we had one more Christmas party. It was only the main library employees attending. We had a potluck style event and it turned out to be incredible amounts of food. All of it very tasty. Some had made their own pickled herring and Jansson's Temptation. I was not that advanced. I bought a box with red beetroot salad in the store. It was a great party with a complicated quiz and lots of talking and eating. We had leftovers for several days after.

I have a new project at the library. After a re-arrangement of the microfilmed newspapers there was space left. I was asked if we wanted the microfilms in the stacks moved to those open shelves so that we didn't have to retrieve them. I said yes without thinking too much about it. It turns out that our microfilms (which contain monographs) are not properly catalogued and many of them need to get a new roll. The boxes are from the 1950s so they need to be exchanged also. This became a bigger project than I thought. I have started reviewing it but we didn't have that many boxes or rolls so I can't do much more right now.

This past weekend I did most of my Christmas shopping. There were lots of people at the malls of course. I also had to go to work this Sunday to clear my desk. It looked terrible. I had a lot of my own research-related material there so it was time to get it out. The piles of paper tend to grow large very quickly.

My apartment is now decorated in the style of the season. There are santas and other decorations everywhere and an overloaded tree in the livingroom. I have already received a few Christmas letters from overseas relatives. Thank you!

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