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Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas party

Last week was relatively busy. There were really only two noteworthy events. One was the opening of a new exhibit at the library. It was about the Botanical garden and its history. Especially one of the managers and his efforts to make the garden a place worth visiting in the early 19th century. We have lots of seed catalogues and garden books on display, along with garden tools and actual plants (some of which allergic visitors have complained about). The other event was the Christmas party this Friday. It was one more successful party arranged by the social club. We had it at a restaurant. The food was great, even the vegetarians liked their food (this is not that common in our experience). We had gift exchange and I got a red rubber spatula with Christmas decor. We also had a theme but it was quite difficult (something beginning with V). Not many had dressed in costume but one woman dressed as a plant (green dress with plastic wreath in her hair and spruce tree branches in her hands) got the first prize. Plant = Växt in Swedish.

This weekend I was tired but still went on the bus to the closest mall to get more craft items. It turned out to be rather fun to make ornaments for the Christmas tree so I got some more supplies cheaply at the second hand stores. Also got groceries.

Sunday the timetables changed for trains and buses. Surprisingly, not for the better. They have re-routed one of the trains so that it does not stop in my town anymore.The trains are already overcrowded. We didn't need fewer trains per hour, we need more. Life as a commuter is sometimes challenging.

Today the catalogue of a donated collection of serial stories was finally published at the library. It involved several people and it took much longer than anyone thought. I was the project manager and I'm glad to see the end of it. We got access to a small display case to put some of these books in, to advertise the newly added collection.

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zerry ht said...

For my last Christmas was invited to my cousin sister’s party at one of New York venues. It was a great party with awesome preparations done. Loved all arrangements. Best thing was floral décor and food table. Many delicious dishes were there. Had an awesome day.