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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christmas buffet

Last week at work was not so busy. It seems to be a slow period right now. But we have a patron who is going to request all the books on local history. That's several thousand volumes. He has agreed to request 250 at a time. It's manageable. My boss also gave me the task of filling in three forms with technical information. It was a short time to get it done and I had to ask someone else for help but it worked out. I also had to go to the storage twice to shelve new dissertations.

Last Friday it was Black Friday - something we have copied from the US. I was too tired to go shopping but most of the offers were extended to Saturday. I went to the mall outside Helsingborg then and got some underwear at 25% off. The main reason for going there was something else, though. I went for the Christmas buffet at Ikea. It was very crowded but so worth it. I'm a great fan of their herring in crayfish sauce. Also the salmon and veggie gratin. There was dessert also. I ate too much, of course. Sunday there was lots of sports on TV, both skiing and equestrian events.

Monday afternoon the social club at work arranged yet another success. One of my colleagues gave a lecture on a book history-related topic. He talked about a book printer in Lund in the 16th century. We got to see (and touch) some of the actual books also. It was a very interesting lecture.

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