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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Birthday party

It has been a historic week. Not here though. Early Wednesday morning we found out the result of the US election. There was little else discussed at work that day. Our coffee breaks became very long. It's hard to put our feelings into words. We are truly amazed by a lot of things, both the road leading up to the election and the result. It will be interesting to see what impact this will have on world politics.

It was an ordinary week at work, so not much to report from there. Other things I had to do this week included getting a hair cut and getting new glasses. The latter was by far the most expensive. I have reached that age now when I need special glasses to read text close up.

Wednesday the first snow of the season fell. It was early and it caused a lot of traffic problems. It has also been pretty cold. Very few people had changed their tires to winter tires. I had to drive the storage round that day and had to dig the car out first. Driving went well as they had removed most of the snow by the time I started.

Friday after work I went to the summer house. When I arrived it was 10 degrees inside. I changed the ventilation and heater right away but it took a long time to get the house warm. Later my sister and her family arrived also. Saturday we went for a walk to the beach on very icy trails in the forest. It was special as it was very cold and very sunny at the same time. The kids loved skidding on the ice. The adults not so much. In the afternoon we all went to my father's place an hour away. It was his 70th birthday. Two of his sisters with spouses were there also. It was a great party with good food (salmon and moose) and great conversation. It was very nice to see everybody. (And the glass keg which was bought last weekend was used for punch, as planned).

Today we winterized the summer house. We shut off the water, turned off the dehumidifier and changed the heater back to 10 degrees. This may all seem easy but I think we had to call my mother four times before we could get everything right. We have never done this without her being there before. We finally did all of the necessary procedures and left. I got a ride to a train station and got onboard a southbound train about mid-day. I had lunch in Lund before going back home.

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