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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekend at the summerhouse

Last weekend (Fri-Sat) my mother and I hosted a visit from my second cousin and his wife. It's a tradition that we meet once a year. We did a fleamarket tour and went to see a classic car exhibit. It was a weekend full of nostalgia. On the Sunday we got other visitors, some people we have known for over 25 years came for coffee and waffles. My aunt also visited. The weather was varied but I was able to sit in the deck chair at least a few minutes. My mother had of course a project for me - she wanted the outdoor wooden furniture sanded and painted, so we did that. I returned to my place again the day after. It took three hours by one bus and two trains.

This week I have enjoyed my freedom quite a lot. I haven't been that active. I had to do the laundry and some other chores, though. It was the last week for the Olympic Games, it's ending today. Sweden got a total of eleven medals, most of them were won by women athletes. Impressive. I have engaged in a research request that is quite challenging. I spent two days at work to do part of the research but got frustrated when the subscription database quit working. One woman I tried to trace in the records emigrated to the US in 1891. I was able to find out that she got married to a man named John Johnson... in New York City... Let's just say that it is more challenging than normal. I haven't given up yet.

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