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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Freedom at last

After a long and tiring summer at work I finally got vacation. Last week was also rather strained with only two people in the stacks. Starting this week my colleagues will have to make it without me. I actually haven't decided how long my vacation will be. At least five weeks, probably longer. So far I have taken it rather easy. I have done a few excursions to places like Helsingborg (where my favorite mall is), Trelleborg (a port city on the south coast), the nearest mall (where there are two rather large second hand stores) and the largest mall in this province, Emporia (only to have lunch).

The Olympic Games in Rio started this past weekend. Because of the time difference we can't see all of it live. There were some hopes for Swedish medals and so far we have one gold (women's swimming - first ever) and two silver medals (women's swimming and women's cycling).  Later the Paralympics will take place. One of my Australian relatives (a descendant of August Nelson's nephew Nils Nilsson who emigrated to Australia 1909) will participate. Brianna Coop is a sprinter who will compete in the 100 and 200 m. I will certainly cheer from here!

Tomorrow I will go to the summerhouse. The weather is pretty awful with rain and chilly temperatures, so there will be no sun bathing. We will host some visits from relatives and friends.

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