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Monday, August 1, 2016

Market fair

A little over a week ago I got treatment by the chiropractor but I'm still suffering. Last week we were only two people in the stacks. It was hot weather and we spent most of the time at the storage, where there is air conditioning. We got the most important things done. We were not at our best game, since my back was troubling me and my colleague had a cold.

Friday a week ago I went on an extra bus to a large event - Sjöbo market fair. There are a few of these around Skåne every summer. The biggest one is in Kivik. The one in Sjöbo was big enough for me. There were many things for sale at the various stalls; candy, clothes, toys, jewelry, kitchenware, cookies, fruit, donuts, spices, nuts and many handcrafted items like baskets and things of fabric. There were also several food trucks with just about anything to eat. I had a langos with shrimp and cheese. I was able to find a practical item there, teflon baking tray paper (for multiple use).

I went to Ystad again to pick up a pair of sandals I had ordered. I often buy a certain heavy duty sandals with memory foam to have at work. It's a Danish brand so I either have to go to Copenhagen or ask a store to import for me. I have recently tried two other kinds of shoes but there is no comparison. I have to buy those rather expensive ones.

Apart from this I have enjoyed several evenings on my balcony. The weather has been nice but now the rain and clouds have started coming again. I have also cleaned the walls of the balcony and washed the windows. Yesterday was the usual cooking Sunday - chicken with peanut sauce. Pretty tasty.

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